Burt Reynolds’ Former Ranch Sells to Hovnanian Homes and Neighbors Vow to Fight

Burt Reynolds' former Ranch: Battlefield Jupiter Farms

Burt Reynolds’ former Ranch: Battlefield Jupiter Farms

The Palm Beach County School Board bought the 153 acre ranch located at 16133 Jupiter Farms Road from Burt Reynolds for $3.85 million in 1999.  The School Board originally intended to build a middle school on the property, but that obviously never happened.  Recently the School Board decided they wanted to sell the property and the neighbors attempted to fight the sale.  A classic NIMBY (Not in my backyard) battle is forming up here.  The neighbors wanted a middle school.  For whatever reason, the School Board decided they are not going to do a middle school there and the neighbors have vowed to fight any development.

As the story continues the School Board voted (5-2) to sell the property to Hovnanian Homes, despite the neighborhood opposition.  Hovnanian is purchasing the property for $5 million and plans to build 62 homes on 2.5 acre lots.  The neighbors are planning their attack strategies to block the development and this NIMBY battle is sure to be a really hot and contested one to keep your eye on as tempers flare in Jupiter Farms.

“Good luck getting that approved, and good luck getting the community to accept it,” resident Sandi Johnson told the Post. “The Farms doesn’t want 62 homes.”  

Where's My School?

Where’s My School?

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