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The County of Lake is established in Florida and home to Clermont. The 938 sq. miles of land has a population density of 317 people per square mile. In 2014, the population was approximately 315,690, and it expanded by 6.3 percent since 2010. In comparison to all of Florida, Lake has a typical number of young familes at 5 percent, an average number of children under 18 at 20 percent, and a greater than average number of retirees at 26 percent. About 85 percent of the homes in Lake have been kept by the same family for more than one year. Around 86 percent of the population in Lake have graduated high school, with 21 percent having a post-secondary degree or greater.

Median Home Price
$ 143k
Houses: 146,687

In Lake County, 12 percent of the 146,687 homes are multi-family buildings, and these homes are used by 117,250 households. Properties have a median value of $142.7k, and the rate of homeownership is 75 percent. The median household income is $45k, which is greater than the state median. The average drive to work for citizens to one of the County's 26,755 businesses is 28 minutes.

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Median income and home price
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Largest Cities in Lake County

Population: 30,600
People/sq.mi: 2,108
Median Home: $176k
Population: 19,455
People/sq.mi: 1,768
Median Home: $120k
Population: 10,460
People/sq.mi: 583
Median Home: $135k
Lady Lake
Lady Lake
Population: 14,455
People/sq.mi: 1,725
Median Home: $121k
Population: 21,524
People/sq.mi: 653
Median Home: $115k
Population: 5,344
People/sq.mi: 448
Median Home: $109k
Population: 10,351
People/sq.mi: 909
Median Home: $132k
Mount Dora
Mount Dora
Population: 13,182
People/sq.mi: 1,542
Median Home: $194k
Population: 14,930
People/sq.mi: 1,468
Median Home: $112k

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